My Top 30 K-Drama Actors of 2017

  1. Yeon Woo Jin in “Introverted Boss”, “Seven Day Queen” & “Judge vs. Judge” Introvert Boss (내성적인 보스)Queen for 7 Days (7일의 왕비)Nothing to Lose (이판사판)
  2. Namgung Min in “Chief Kim” & “Falsify”                               Chief Kim (김과장)Falsify (조작)
  3. Jung Kyoung Ho in “Missing 9”                                                     Missing 9 (미씽나인)
  4. Jang Hyuk in “Voice” & “Money Flower”
  5. Jo Jung Suk in “Two Cops”
  6. Son Ho Jun in “Go Back Couple”
  7. Choi Tae Joon in “Missing 9” & “Suspicious Partner”
  8. Kim Jae Wook in “Voice”
  9. Park Hyung Sik in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”
  10. Ji Chang Wook in “Suspicious Partner”
  11. Lee Dong Gun in “Seven Day Queen”
  12. Yoon Si Yoon in “The Best Hit”
  13. Park Seo Joon in “Fight for My Way”
  14. Yoo Seung Ho in “Ruler: Master of the Mask” & “I’m Not a Robot”
  15. Lee Joon Ho (Junho) in “Chief Kim” & “Just Between Lovers”
  16. Kim Sun Ho in “Two Cops”
  17. Ji Sung in “Defendant”
  18. Kim Won Hae in “Chief Kim” & “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”
  19. Choi Daniel in “Jugglers”
  20. Park Sung Woong in “Man to Man”
  21. Yeon Jung Hoon in “Man to Man”
  22. Lee Joon in “Father is Strange”
  23. Choi Si Won in “Revolutionary Love
  24. Joo Won in “My Sassy Girl”
  25. Park Hae Jin in “Man to Man”
  26. Jung Woong In in “My Sassy Girl”
  27. Baek Seung Hwan in “Seven Day Queen”
  28. Lee Sang Yoon in “Whisper”
  29. Ji Soo in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”
  30. Uhm Ki Joon in “Defendant”
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